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10th Grade Registration

High school registration can be tricky, but we want to simplify it. Below are various documents and presentations to help assist you in registering your child for 10th grade at Riverton High School. Next to each file is a brief description of how it should help you. (Clicking each link will download the file to your computer.)

2017 parent letter—This document is an introductory letter to the high school scheduling process.

Arena Scheduling Information—This document contains information about how to register for classes with arena scheduling.

Important Dates for 2017-18 Arena Scheduling—This is a summary of dates that parent and students should know.

PowerPoint Presentation —This presentation is a great overview for all things area scheduling. It contains information about what arena scheduling is, how to sign up (step-by-step screen shots of what to do in Skyward), & FAQs.

Tutorial—This presentation only has step-by-step screen shots of what to do in Skyward to register your student.

Worksheet—This document will help your student plan the course he or she would like to take on A and B days. There is space on this document for a Plan A, B, and C.

Frequently asked questions-This document contains many questions asked by other parents and guardians.

Skyward-This link will take you to the jordan district grade book.

Photo of Officer Alcivar

Officer Alcivar

Resource Officer
Photo of Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson

Photo of Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Counseling Office Assistant
Photo of Mrs. Ashley

Mrs. Ashley

School Counselor (P-Z)
Photo of Mrs. Atchison

Mrs. Atchison

School Counselor (H-O)
Photo of Mr. Bartel

Mr. Bartel

Photo of Mrs. Bekkemellom

Mrs. Bekkemellom

Photo of Mrs. Bergum

Mrs. Bergum

Assistant Principal (A-K)
Photo of Ms. Briggs

Ms. Briggs

Reading Aide
Photo of Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown