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Jordan School District Courtesy Shuttle

Dear Parents,

In the upcoming 2019-20 school year Jordan School District will be providing a courtesy shuttle to transport students safely across the Mountain View Corridor as they travel to and from school.

Any student who is currently not eligible for busing can take advantage of the shuttle service. The shuttle stops for South Hills Middle School students will be located at the following locations:

  • The Park at 13605 South Monarch Meadows Pkwy.
  • Foothills County Park at 5110 West Little Water Peak Dr.
  • Morning Cloak Park at 13615 South Cloudywing Way
  • The Park at 5550 West Rosewater Dr.

Stop times will be established in August.

If your student/students would like to ride the shuttle, please contact South Hills Middle School and apply for the service by filling out a space available request form.

Again, this shuttle service is to provide safe passage across the Mountain View Corridor for students who are not eligible for busing.

More information on the shuttle service will be forthcoming.