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Digital Citizenship

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices Computer Use/ Contract Digital Citizenship SHMS Policy and Disclosure Menu

CELL PHONES and ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Students are encouraged to leave electronic devices, including game systems, music players, and toys, at home. Personal cell phones (including headphones) are welcome at school during lunch and passing periods and during class time when used for instructional purposes under a teacher’s direction. Students who choose to bring these devices do so at their own risk; South Hills is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss. Any use of an electronic device that exploits personal information, disrupts the educational process, invades personal privacy or compromises the integrity of educational programs is strictly prohibited. The administration reserves the right to restrict a student’s use of electronic devices based on compliance with school rules. Violations, or any use the school deems improper, will result in confiscation of the device, which will then be taken to the attendance office. The following penalties apply if this policy is violated:

  • 1st violation = Student can pick up device at the end of the school day
  • 2nd violation = Student meets with administrator, phone call home, student can pick up the device at the end of school day.
  • 3rd violation = Parent must pick up the device. Device may be confiscated for an extended period of time and/or parent meeting & student contract.

COMPUTER USE/CONTRACT: Computers greatly enhance the education of our students. Any student who shows the proper respect to this costly equipment will be allowed to enjoy this privilege for the completion of schoolwork. Students who use school computers must read and understand the Internet Acceptable Use Contract. Their signature and the signature of their parent/guardian are required before any student can use school computers.

  • During the time students are using a school computer, they are financially responsible for the computer.
  • No student may use a computer without permission and supervision of a teacher.
  • Magnets, food, gum, or drinks are not allowed around the computers or printers at any time.
  • Students may access their own files only and print only when given permission by a teacher.
  • Jordan School District and South Hills Middle School do not give permission for anyone to copy software or copyrighted materials unlawfully.
  • Students must agree to follow and sign the Internet Acceptable Use Policy

DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: Be responsible and respectful with what you do on electronic devices. There is no privacy online. Anything you text or post online – words, pictures, or videos – can be viewed by anybody. Only post comments/pictures that you would be comfortable showing your parent. Cyber bullying is illegal and will result in school and police consequences.

It is against the law for you to bring, possess, participate in, share or show sexting or pornography while at school, whether in printed matter, on an electronic device, or on social media. Consequences for doing so include parent contact, suspension, confiscation and wiping of phone/device, change of school, and police involvement.