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Photo of Mrs. Amber Anderson Mrs. Amber Anderson Testing Coordinator COUNSELING OFFICE ASSISTANT
Photo of Mr. Bryce Anderson Mr. Bryce Anderson SCIENCE
Photo of Mr. Gregory Anderson Mr. Gregory Anderson MATH
Photo of Mrs. Valerie Ashley Mrs. Valerie Ashley SCHOOL COUNSELOR (Pe-Z)
Photo of Mrs. Kara Atchison Mrs. Kara Atchison SCHOOL COUNSELOR (H-Pa)
Photo of Mr. Jeffrey Barclay Mr. Jeffrey Barclay Science
Photo of Mr. Matthew Bartel Mr. Matthew Bartel CUSTODIAN
Photo of Mrs. Kathy Bekkemellom Mrs. Kathy Bekkemellom CTE
Photo of Ms. Megan Bishop Ms. Megan Bishop THEATRE
Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Briggs Mrs. Jennifer Briggs READING AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Shay Brooks Mrs. Shay Brooks SCHOOL CAMPUS MONITOR
Photo of Mr. Chase Brown Mr. Chase Brown SCIENCE
Photo of Mrs. Deborah Brown Mrs. Deborah Brown SEB/A SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Alexis Bryson Mrs. Alexis Bryson LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Mr. Cody Burket Mr. Cody Burket SCHOOL TECH SUPPORT
Photo of Mrs. Myrl Burton Mrs. Myrl Burton LUNCH LADY
Photo of Ms. Susan Call Ms. Susan Call MATH
Photo of Ms. Katharine Campbell Ms. Katharine Campbell SCHOOL COUNSELOR (A-G)
Photo of Mr. Kyle Carter Mr. Kyle Carter SOCIAL STUDIES
Photo of Mr. Jason Carwin Mr. Jason Carwin SCIENCE
Photo of Mrs. Holly Casper Mrs. Holly Casper FA SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mr. Alex Chamberlain Mr. Alex Chamberlain SOCIAL STUDIES
Photo of Mrs. Marlynn Chappell Mrs. Marlynn Chappell COPY ROOM AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Lauri Cluff Mrs. Lauri Cluff LUNCH LADY
Photo of Mrs. Amy Davis Mrs. Amy Davis LUNCH LADY
Photo of Mrs. Whitney Dawson Mrs. Whitney Dawson CTE
Photo of Ms. Kimberli Devey Ms. Kimberli Devey SEB/A SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Alisa Edwards Mrs. Alisa Edwards LUNCH CASHIER
Photo of Mrs. Amber Eggli Mrs. Amber Eggli MAIN OFFICE ASSISTANT
Photo of Mrs. Julie Elliott Mrs. Julie Elliott SEB SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Connie Erickson Mrs. Connie Erickson ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
Photo of Mr. Brian Fait Mr. Brian Fait MENTAL HEALTH CLINICIAN
Photo of Mrs. Teresa Feragen Mrs. Teresa Feragen SEB/A SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Sydna Graf Mrs. Sydna Graf LIBRARIAN
Photo of Mrs. Christy Green Mrs. Christy Green ATTENDANCE SECRETARY
Photo of Mr. Jim Groethe Mr. Jim Groethe PRINCIPAL
Photo of Mrs. Brooklyn Gulbransen Mrs. Brooklyn Gulbransen LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Mrs. Ivonne Huang Mrs. Ivonne Huang CHINESE
Photo of Mrs. Lauralee Husband Mrs. Lauralee Husband SEB SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mrs. Lisa Jensen Mrs. Lisa Jensen LUNCH CLERK
Photo of Officer Gavin Johnson Officer Gavin Johnson RESOURCE OFFICER
Photo of Mrs. Tammy Johnson Mrs. Tammy Johnson SPANISH
Photo of Mrs. Annette Jones Mrs. Annette Jones RESOURCE AIDE
Photo of Mr. Jacob Jones Mr. Jacob Jones FA Support Aide
Photo of Mrs. Nickell Jones Mrs. Nickell Jones CTE
Photo of Mrs. Brenda Klotovich Mrs. Brenda Klotovich CAFETERIA MANAGER
Photo of Ms. Gina Knowles Ms. Gina Knowles SOCIAL STUDIES
Photo of Mr. Jason Koelliker Mr. Jason Koelliker FA SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Ms. Aimee Koenig Ms. Aimee Koenig Social Studies
Photo of Mr. Brian Larson Mr. Brian Larson MATH
Photo of Mrs. Wendy Lloyd Mrs. Wendy Lloyd Math
Photo of Ms. Rachel Marsh Ms. Rachel Marsh Self-Contained Aide
Photo of Ms. Winona Marx Ms. Winona Marx SEB SUPPORT TEACHER
Photo of Mrs. Tamra Mauzy Mrs. Tamra Mauzy ATTENDANCE ASSISTANT
Photo of Mr. Paul McElligott Mr. Paul McElligott CTE
Photo of Mrs. Teri Mclntyre Mrs. Teri Mclntyre LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Ms. Rebecca McPartland Ms. Rebecca McPartland SPEECH THERAPIST
Photo of Mrs. Sherrion Miller Mrs. Sherrion Miller REGISTRAR
Photo of Ms. Aubri Moench Ms. Aubri Moench ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL (A-K)
Photo of Mr. Troy Monson Mr. Troy Monson ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL (L-Z)
Photo of Ms. Britteny Montag Ms. Britteny Montag SEB/A SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Mr. Larry Moore Mr. Larry Moore ART
Photo of Mrs. Ashley Nebeker Mrs. Ashley Nebeker MATH
Photo of Mrs. Nicole Neff Mrs. Nicole Neff Math
Photo of Mr. Ryan NIgbur Mr. Ryan NIgbur Language Arts
Photo of Mr. Eric Noyes Mr. Eric Noyes MUSIC
Photo of Mrs Tiffany Olson Mrs Tiffany Olson FA SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Ms. Ellen Panek Ms. Ellen Panek SEB/A SUPPORT TEACHER
Photo of Ms. Leota Pearson Ms. Leota Pearson Self-Contained Teacher
Photo of Mrs. Chantele Pehrson Mrs. Chantele Pehrson LUNCH LADY
Photo of Mrs. Stacie Pulley Mrs. Stacie Pulley FA SUPPORT AIDE
Photo of Ms. Ruth Quezada Ms. Ruth Quezada LUNCH LADY
Photo of Mrs. Brandy Quinney Mrs. Brandy Quinney CTE Assistant
Photo of Mrs. Spring Rasmussen Mrs. Spring Rasmussen LUNCH CASHIER
Photo of Mrs. Sadie Rengers Mrs. Sadie Rengers ACADEMIC MENTOR
Photo of Mrs. Gloria Riddle Mrs. Gloria Riddle FRENCH
Photo of Mrs. Juliana Rigby Mrs. Juliana Rigby STUDENT SUPPORT
Photo of Mrs. Sharon Rinehart Mrs. Sharon Rinehart SCIENCE
Photo of Ms. Debra Rueckert Ms. Debra Rueckert LUNCH LADY
Photo of Ms. Julie Rushton Ms. Julie Rushton LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Miss Christina Saunders Miss Christina Saunders LUNCH LADY
Photo of Mr. Denny Saunders Mr. Denny Saunders MUSIC
Photo of Ms. Jessica Schaecher Ms. Jessica Schaecher Language Arts
Photo of Mrs. Kristina Schulist Mrs. Kristina Schulist LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Mrs. Alesha Schulzke Mrs. Alesha Schulzke SCIENCE
Photo of Mr. Darren Seamons Mr. Darren Seamons HEALTH
Photo of Mr. Ethan Shaw Mr. Ethan Shaw CUSTODIAN
Photo of Mrs. Karen Smith Mrs. Karen Smith MATH
Photo of Mrs. Katie Spencer Mrs. Katie Spencer Attendance Assistant
Photo of Mr. Dan Spring Mr. Dan Spring HEAD CUSTODIAN
Photo of Mrs. Brenna Sullivan Mrs. Brenna Sullivan SPANISH
Photo of Mrs. Missy Taylor Mrs. Missy Taylor LIBRARY ASSISTANT
Photo of Mrs. Kristan Thompson Mrs. Kristan Thompson FA SUPPORT TEACHER
Photo of Miss Sami Tibbets Miss Sami Tibbets SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, INTERN
Photo of Mr. Enkhbaatar Tsend Mr. Enkhbaatar Tsend CUSTODIAN
Photo of Mrs. Yolanda Tyrrell Mrs. Yolanda Tyrrell SCHOOL CAMPUS MONITOR
Photo of Ms. Nichole Valerio Ms. Nichole Valerio LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Mrs. Kimese Vanderlinden Mrs. Kimese Vanderlinden LANGUAGE ARTS
Photo of Ms. Staci Vittetoe Ms. Staci Vittetoe SOCIAL STUDIES