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Virtual Parent-Teacher Conference

Wed Sept 23rd from 4-8 and Thu Sept 24th from 4-7:30


Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held via Zoom this year. Here is a tutorial to help you through the process. try and keep meetings to five minutes, If you need more time with a teacher, schedule a separate time to meet virtually.

The following document has Zoom links for South Hills teachers.


The following document has Zoom links for Online teachers.

You will enter a waiting room where the teacher will be able to see who is waiting and bring you into a private meeting. Please try and keep meetings to five minutes

Curbside Meal Pickup Map

School Map 2020-21 SHMS SCHOOL MAP

Attendance Procedure Updates

* PLEASE NOTE our check-in, check-out, and absence excusal procedures have changed.
* An absence or late check-in can be excused by a guardian through Skyward. Mobile Tutorial Desktop Tutorial 
* To check-out a student, a guardian should begin the process in Skyward (see video tutorial). Then, the person checking-out the student needs to go to the school and show ID (must be a parent/guardian or emergency contact).
* Doctor's notes can be emailed ( or faxed (801.412.2430). Guardian excused absences, check-in/outs will be done through Skyward (no notes, please).

* If a student is late to school:  up to ten minutes late, he/she should go directly to 3rd period/TA – more than ten minutes late, he/she should go to the Attendance Office to check-in.

South Hills Drop-off/Pick-up South Hills Dropoff/Pickup Map

SHMS Return to School Plan  South Hills Return to School Plan

Follow these steps to register your student for school.

  1. Go to Skyward Family Access and login with a parent account. For additional help and instructions click here:  Family Access Login Information
  2. For step-by-step instructions on how to register once you are in Skyward, click here: Steps for Registering for School
  3. Once your Skyward registration is complete, click here for Additional Registration Information. 

**IMPORTANT** All students, whether they will participate in person or online, MUST complete the online enrollment/registration process in Skyward. 

Dates to Remember

Picture Day Sept 16th: All Day During Social Studies Classes (Online Students): 1-2 P.M. in Auditorium 
Midterms Sept 18th: Available on Skyward after 3:00 pm. on Sept. 18th.

Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences Sept 23-24:  Wed 4-8 pm Thu 4-7:30 pm (Details coming soon)

Students at South Hills know and follow the TIGER TRAITS:


  • Takes responsibility
  • Is in the proper place
  • Goes prepared
  • Engages in learning
  • Respects self and others

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